Your Impact

Why Gala Funds are Essential The $600,000 net revenue we expected from the Gala is the single greatest source of private/corporate philanthropy we receive each year.

  • Our more than 4,000 metro Detroit children (and their families) count on this support for essential services, care, and connection.
  • Starfish counts on this support to sustain our operations.

Why Gala Funds are Critical Now We have no idea what the days, weeks, or months ahead will bring. We DO know that many Starfish families are particularly vulnerable right now. And our commitment to serve remains intact.

As such, our current efforts WILL result in financial gaps, as we:

  • Provide basic-life items for our families (e.g., grab-and-go meals for toddlers, formula for babies, and diapers)
  • Maintain behavioral health services for more than 2,000 clients via Telehealth (by phone and video)
  • Sustain connection with our preschool parents by phone and online portals

This year’s Great Hearts Gala supports key outcomes such as:

Healthy Families. Through our integrated approach, we advocate for whole-family health. Because Starfish understands the link between mental health (healthy minds) and physical health (healthy bodies), our services actively address both.  

Successful Students. Starfish promotes student success by looking at the needs of the whole child. From high-quality early childhood education that is evidence-based and culturally informed to comprehensive services that tackle issues beyond the classroom, we are there every step of the way to help our children thrive. 

Empowered Families. At Starfish, we value our parents and caregivers. All Starfish staff members work to build trusting relationships and to ensure that parents are actively engaged—because it is their journey.